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Welcome to #Reshape Strong! You reading this means that you are ready to get strong AF with me and to say goodbye to an older version of yourself. I highly believe that learning to enjoy working out – not just doing it because you have to – and getting professional support, mentally as well, are the deciding factors for success. That’s why I created program #Reshape.

A transformation, however small it may be, does not happen within 1 day. It’s a long and bumpy road you need to walk. It’s falling and getting back up. And some people will get there sooner than others. But luckily, you won’t have to go through this alone. With my program you will get direct access to the right tools and guidance. We will make sure, step by step, that you get closer to your goals every week in the best way possible.

Program #Reshape Strong offers:

✔ Weekly emails with the plan for the coming week.

✔ Weekly motivation & educational content via audio (podcast style).

✔ A strength training plan for 4x a week (at home or gym).

✔ Nutritional & supplement advice.

✔ Weekly tracking of calories, protein, workouts & sleep.

✔ Weekly Check-ins: Log progress in weight, strength, fitness and photos.

✔ An analysis of your fitness experience, current exercise routine, your injuries/ limitations background.


Within these weeks you have the following goals: to adopt new healthy habits in your life & to train in a consistent manner. In order to maintain long-term success with your fit journey, I firmly believe that you – above all – stay consistent in your training and for this to work, your workout regime needs to fit in your life; it should remain realistic. No training for 7 days a week. Training 7 days a week will set you up for failure if it doesn’t fit in your life. And also: you won’t have to train that much to see results. With my program you will train in line with scientific methods and receive my coaching and guidance, so that we can be sure that you will achieve results.

If you are happy with the progress and would like to continue with new fitness goals, we simply tweak your program so that you never get bored and keep on seeing great results in the mirror! This is not a fixed program I’m throwing at you and say “good luck with it”. This is personalized coaching where I will guide you 1on1. It is flexible; we can adjust your workouts to gym or home based, or even on the go. I’ll send you the plan for the week & we check-in on a weekly basis. You ask questions, I’ll answer them. You need an extra push, I’ll do just that. Because from today, you are part of the #Reshape fitfam! Reshape your life, reshape your body. And vice versa. This is one step closer to your goals!


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