Age: 25
Height: 182 cm
Limitations: Hyper-mobility & shorter spine birth defect
Fitness goal: Strength & muscle gain, weightloss
Type of workout: home workout
Starting weight: 87,1 KG
Current weight: 82,6 KG

“Ik heb na jaren eindelijk de keus gemaakt om een personal trainer in te schakelen. Ik heb me ingeschreven bij reshape program omdat ik een schop onder de kont nodig had, en die heb ik gekregen. In de vorm van goede begeleiding, workout schema’s en richtlijnen voor voeding. Sinds ik mee doe met reshape  heb ik meer geleerd over mijn lichaam en trainen dan ik zelf in 1 jaar voor elkaar kreeg. Na 1 maand had ik al goede resultaten geboekt en dat heb ik echt te danken aan de goede begeleiding van Nadia. Als je graag wil maar de motivatie nog zoekt is dit precies wat je nodig hebt.”

Age: 28
Height: 175cm
Limitations: -
Fitness goal: Weightloss
Type of workout: Gym workout
Starting weight: 103 KG
Current weight: 93 KG

“For a new mindset and a new way of life I would say, Nadia is your go-to!

After a period of beers and snacks and not knowing how to find balance, Nadia was able to guide me in this.
I wanted to lose 10 kg in 2 months to which Nadia said it would be tough, but certainly not impossible. With a combination of Nadia’s workouts and support with nutrition and lifestyle, I managed to shed the 10 kg! Thanks for everything!”

Age: 32
Height: 172cm
Limitations: -
Fitness goal: Strength & muscle gain
Type of workout: home workout

” I was trying to lose weight for a long time, but I wasn’t able to. Either I fell back into old habits, or I wasn’t 100% ready. Then I decided to join #reshape. Weekly check ins, good guidance & program adapted to your goals and needs. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to participate. Not because I didn’t believe in it, but more because I thought I was able to do it myself in the terms of nutrition and sports. But, I was so wrong!

What has been most challenging for me is nutrition. I already knew what food where good and bad. But thanks to Nadia, I learned I had to eat a lot more, but also pay attention to macros. It was tiresome at first, but tot be fair, I got used to it quickly. 

Nadia is a really good trainer. She looks very closely with you at what you want to achieve, and also wants to ensure that the weight stays off for the long term. The weekly check ins are good to tackle issues, and she is always available for questions. I think that if your mindset is not ready. It will be hard to make it. If your mindset is ready and you really want to go for it, you will succeed! Especially with Nadia as a trainer!”

Age: 25
Height: 170 cm
Limitations: -
Fitness goal: Weightloss
Type of workout: home workout
Starting weight: 90 KG
Current weight: 83 KG

“I absolutely recommend Nadia as a coach! She gives a clear body analysis that can be understood by everyone, makes realistic schedules that are feasible, also for the long term. She is always willing to help you and I feel that she does this too, always with pleasure. Due to her structure, argumentation and motivational conversations, I have already achieved several things that suddenly seemed a lot simpler 💪

Age: 37
Height: 172cm
Limitations: -
Fitness goal: Strength & muscle gain
Type of workout: home workout
Starting weight: 68 KG
Current weight: 72.9 KG

“When I saw that coach Nadia was accepting people for her Reshape program, I knew I had to join. I’ve stayed pretty active my whole life, but after COVID hit, I was mostly just doing app and online workouts. What drew me to the program was seeing her own progress! Also, I liked that she also wanted to cater to people whose goal is strength rather than weight loss, since I’m fine with my weight! Even though she was in Europe and I’m in the US, since everything had moved to virtua I figured why not, even though I didn’t know what to expect…

You don’t even have to worry for a moment! Nadia is very thorough. I was impressed by the customized program I received (and I knew it was tailored just for me as she used every single tool I had available in my life). What’s more, she did a detailed analysis on my body type on what I need to gain strength. To my surprise I had to eat much more than I’d been doing. That was actually the hardest adjustment but it has had many positive implications for my health and wellbeing. 

The last thing I want to rave about is her attention to detail and dedication to transforming not just the body, but your entire mindset. She checks in with you each week to touch base and adjust as needed, and she creates the most useful podcasts, that give tips on how to live a healthy life. So far in just two months I can already say I’m super grateful for this program, and I look forward to seeing what consistency and dedication can bring. Join Reshape and you won’t regret it!”

Age: 27
Height: 167cm
Limitations: Hyper-mobility
Fitness goal: Strength
Type of workout: home workout
Starting weight: 53 KG
Current weight: 55.3 KG

I really lost 8 kilos in six months and was unable to gain weight for 6 years. So that I gain weight now is really unique! Reshape Strong program is the program for me to gain weight in a healthy way. With the nice 1-on-1 coaching from Nadia, I am gradually gaining weight in the healthy way. I feel more energetic but also fit. This is done with a personalized workout plan and nutritional advice. I’m glad I don’t have a diet plan that I have to stick to, but I can use the tips to make sure I make it the right eating habit. I am positive about it and definitely recommend the Reshape program!”


“Nadia is a great coach who has helped me to start losing weight again from a new perspective! The background information she provides about your body and nutrition helps to make the healthy lifestyle easier. I requested Nadia’s help after me and my partner decided to get pregnant. My goal was to lose weight and to get fit for a baby. Now I am successfully pregnant and Nadia even makes my pregnancy workouts! Reshape is 100% worth the money to invest in your body!”



Nadia, my trainer, is great and I would always recommend her! She understood what my goal was and she helped me achieve it in no time (everyone around me could see how fit and toned I am ), and she pays attention to my needs. She makes exercising fun (explaining what and why we are doing them) and keeps motivated. Moreover always having good advice.